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  • Electrical Upgrades


    I have performed numerous electrical upgrades on this car.  I have upgraded to a Dual Fuse system to run the main car wiring and amplifier wiring.  Terminal connections have been upgraded to Phoenix Gold connections.  All new 8 gauge wiring from Alternator to battery and from Fuse box to a new wiring terminal on the driver side.  From this terminal it now feeds the horn relay, main fuse box, blower motor, Low and High beam headlamp relays which feed the Sylvania H6024XV Halogen Xtra Vision headlamps a direct current rather than feeding off the fuse box.  This provides very bright headlights without any dimming inside the cabin.

    100 Amp Alternator feeds the battery via a 2 ft 8 gauge direct wire.  Fuse Links have been put in place on numerous connections including the main fuse box connection as well as the low and high beam relays.  Main 8 gauge that feeds the new driver side terminal is protected by a 60 amp fuse.

    I went with a CN-1 Insulated Terminal Block and RLY-1 relay kits both from MAD Enterprises who puts some really great kits together for upgrading the electrical systems in these older cars.  I also got an ALT-1 Alternator Wiring Kit but have not installed that yet.